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The Big Chill

Despite the tsunami effect of powerful northwesterly winds—mighty enough to fell a full-growth tree at the Canadian Visitors’ Center—the city swimming pool opened on schedule Tuesday afternoon. A bluelipped smattering of kids seemed determined to defy a combo-package of overcast skies, 50 mph-plus wind gusts, and temperatures that had plunged from near-triple digits just 24 hours earlier—just to be the first in the water. We hear, though, that temperatures are on the rebound already, and should be back into the mid-90s by Thursday and nudging triple digits this weekend. Meanwhile, Carlie and Landon Renfro (at left) and Sadie Boyd are among the few who can claim bragging rights in Canadian’s version of the polar bear plunge. They braved the waters briefly before sprinting to the nearby shelter of their beach towels. In additional to toppling trees, Tuesday’s winds fueled wildfires in Donley County near Clarendon and Hartley County along US 385 and SH 354; and sparked a house fire in Stinnett that threatened other structures nearby before it was contained.

A healthy dose of sunshine

If I could describe my favorite summertime feeling, it would look something like spending an entire day at the city pool. After the day of swimming was finished, I would put on my favorite, oversized t-shirt and drive to the Peppermint Tree snow-cone stand with my windows down and music up. I’d finish the day watching the sunset outside while eating a pickle-juice snow cone and playing cornhole with my family. I realize that’s oddly specific, but there’s something so special about summertime in a small town. This feeling is unmatched. You feel warm and carefree, soaking in every bit of sunshine. Luckily, this picture-perfect summer day is finally a reality.
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Slim slammed the mailbox shut that’s kind of a tongue-twister, isn’t it? And turned onto the little road that led to his house. When we reached the front door, he pushed it open and said, “Get in there, dogs, and catch a mouse.”

I went streaking inside. Drover went inside too, but he didn’t “streak.” He lollygagged around, as he ususally does, and at that speed he couldn’t catch a mouse even if the mouse threw up his hands and surrendered.

Paws, I guess. Threw up his paws. Mice don’t have hands, see.

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The Canadian Municipal Swimming Pool

The Canadian Municipal Swimming Pool will open for the season on Tuesday, June 9, at 1 pm, under the management of new city employee Pam Edminson (at right). Edminson was on the job this week, and will be helping with lifeguard training and certification this weekend. City employees have been busy making last-minute repairs, filling the pool and treating the water. Daily admission to the pool is $3/adult, $1/child, with season and family rates available. PHOTO BY JAQUITA ADCOCK