Card of Thanks

I would like to thank the members of the Friendship Quilt Guild for the honor and the beautiful Quilt of Valor presented to me. I would also like to thank

The Visitor

THE VISITOR TO The Canadian Record didn’t identify himself, and didn’t linger. He just had one thing to say, and needed somebody to hear it. We first spotted him sitting

LETTER: Honoring all of our veterans


Honoring all of our veterans

I SIT HERE and wonder why a new wall hasn’t been added to the Hemphill County Veterans Memorial. There are so many veterans from the county that haven’t been added. Many of those were people the town had given up on, but who chose to volunteer for service.

So few in this country volunteer, but that’s what our military is: Volunteers, people who stand for a reason. Residents of our community have stood tall in that aspect, from Vietnam to Iraq.