Wildcats see first action at Borger scrimmage

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Wildcats see first action at Borger scrimmage

Thu, 08/22/2019 - 07:11
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Football season officially got underway Saturday for the 2019 Wildcats with a scrimmage at Borger’s Bulldog Stadium. Canadian appears to be loaded again and brings a whopping 18 seniors to the team this year, with seven returning starters on defense and six on offense.

“We are probably up 10 kids overall from last year,” said head coach Chris Koetting. “That is a result of having a large freshmen class come in this year.”

A lot of kids want to be a part of something great, and many find that under the roof of Koetting’s Wildcat football program.

Coach Koetting was frank when he spoke about what he saw from the Borger scrimmage. “My goals for this first scrimmage were to be physical and really go out and hit the other team,” he said.

“The next thing I looked for,” he said, “is players who can function at a high level when they are tired. It got hot out there, and it’s the first time we really got a good look at live-action. I think we did good on both counts.”

Koetting praised the team’s offensive efforts. “I thought we executed really well,” he began. “We didn’t have hardly any balls hit the ground. Both of our quarterbacks played extremely well. I really feel like we have two of the five best quarterbacks in the Panhandle... and I’m talking about all classifications.”

Both had solid starts when running the offense, Koetting said. “Grant had more yards, but a lot of his were short throws that went a long way.”

“Josh’s percentages weren’t as good, and that’s my fault,” he said. “There were some situations where I called bad plays and put Josh in a bad spot, but you can’t tell a difference between Josh and Grant.”

On the other side of the ball, the coach was equally pleased.

“Our defensive front is as good as we’ve ever had, or at least close to it,” he said. “In 2015, we had a defensive line that was just unbelievable, and I think our guys this year have the potential to get to that level.”

“The one guy that probably stood out head and shoulders above everyone else was our nose guard, Saul Escamilla,” Koetting said. “People just can’t block him. He has got a motor, and he’s got a little meanness in him, and he is just what you want on your defensive line.”