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Thu, 09/05/2019 - 17:15
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•Anthony Tyrone Jackson, 57, Tallahassee, FL; 9/2/19; driving while intoxicated; held; HCSO.


•Eber Serena Ochoa, Wheeler; no driver’s licensed (when unlicensed); 8/27/19.

•Douglass Millard Estes, Perryton; speeding, no financial responsibility; 8/30/19.

•Aleisy Arely Paz Esparza, Brownsville; no financial responsibility; 8/31/19.

•Travis Montgomery Akins, Royse City; speeding; 9/1/19.

•Juvenile, Higgins; speeding; 9/1/19.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

•6:06 pm, reckless driver reported; deputy responded.

•7:31 pm, caller requested ambulance; EMS responded.

•8:01 pm, caller requested welfare check; deputy responded.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

•9:18 pm, caller reported suspicious vehicle in the area of County Road 10 and Neighborhood Road; deputies responded.

•11:27 pm, residential alarm; deputy responded.

Thursday, Aug. 29

•2:00 pm, caller requested to speak with deputy.

•8:34 pm, received report of keys locked in a vehicle in Miami; deputy responded.

Friday, Aug. 30

•11:05 am, caller stated she is an employee of the U.S. Census Bureau, working on CR 21, and a lady that lives out there threatened to shoot her if she didn’t get off of her property; deputy responded.

•7:04 pm, caller reported a Hereford bull out; deputy responded.

•8:08 pm, received report of several kids riding bikes on football field turf; deputies responded.

Saturday, Aug. 31

•8:39 am, caller requested to speak with deputy.

•10:11 am, cow out; deputy responded.

•6:29 pm, caller requested deputy for traffic control; deputy responded.

•8:01 pm, caller stated three black cows were out on Hwy. 60, east of the airport in Miami; deputy responded.

•9:29 pm, reckless driver reported headed into town on Hwy. 60/83, just past the rodeo grounds; deputy responded.

Sunday, Sept. 1

•4:44 pm, received report of a fire alarm; CVFD and deputies responded.

Monday, Sept. 2

•1:44 am, received request for ambulance at residence on Lake Marvin Road; EMS responded.

•12:02 pm, EMS responded to request for ambulance at local residence for medical emergency.

•3:30 pm, caller requested deputy in the 600 block of Locust; deputy responded.

•10:31 pm, received report of a domestic dispute; deputy responded.