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Thu, 08/22/2019 - 07:11
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Gallery Room

I apologize for missing a couple of weeks of museum notes, but we have been super busy. Roof repairs to our artifact storage room were completed, and we are slowly and systemically moving the collection from the gallery room back into the artifact storage room. I want to thank the following for their hard work and selflessness: Valerie Vasquez, Merrisa Jimenez, Maddox Hermosillo, Amalia Escamilla, Lori Herrera, Tucker Landry, Maureen Scott, Jeri Pundt, Calista Darragh, Danielle Martin, and Angie Hawkins. We are blessed to have so many volunteers helping us with this unforeseen event!

Permanent Text Panels

So far, we have put up 19 permanent text panels, but have so many more to go. It takes two to three people to put up each panel. Volunteers Mark Heusel and David Parnell were extremely helpful, and we appreciate them. If you have an hour or so of free time and would like to help, let us know.

GR Ward Western Art

Coming soon in September, Gary Ward will display his work in the gallery room. Gary is a second-generation artist from Canyon. Gary acquired an early love for Western art through the influence of his father, Jim Ward, as well as the cowboy culture of his boyhood. We will host an artist reception for him on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 5–7 pm. Hope to see everyone there.


Don’t forget, we have 8-foot and 6-foot tables, folding chairs, and a large 30-by-30 tent for rent. Tables are $10/table, and chairs are $1/chair. The tent rental fee is $150 for private and nonprofit use. These are not a daily charge, but rather a one-time use fee. Now that the gallery room is cleared of artifacts, it, too, is available to rent. Call us at 806.323.6548 for reservations.