Kelly Livingston and Todd Moore on Rotary International Convention

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Kelly Livingston and Todd Moore on Rotary International Convention

Thu, 08/29/2019 - 06:58
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Have we mentioned yet how Rotary connects us to the world? John Haley pulled this week’s program from our neighboring Shamrock club to remind us of just that. Kelly Livingston and Todd Moore, members of the Shamrock club, came to tell us about the Rotary International Convention they attended in June.

Kelly is the Happy State Bank president in Shamrock, and Todd owns Todd Moore Insurance Agency that serves the Wheeler-Shamrock area. After a briefing on the Shamrock club’s cornhole fundraiser, the two men gave a slideshow and quick talk about their time in Hamburg, Germany, among other parts of Europe.

Kelly, Todd, and their wives fit quite the vacation in. Aside from the actual convention in Hamburg, trip highlights included attending a Rotary meeting in Paris, seeing the Mona Lisa and the charred Notre Dame, skiing in Switzerland, riding gondolas through Venice, and attending an Eagles concert in Munich.

Most of the pictures from the trip showed the men sporting their cowboy hats, which we don’t think twice about here in the Texas Panhandle. However, the men could hardly keep people away who wanted to take pictures with them and their hats. Trying to get into the convention itself, they estimated they took around 200 pictures with enamored fans. At the convention, you are encouraged to dress in your home-country clothing. So, funnily enough, even though the men felt like people were drawn to them, Kelly and Todd wanted pictures just as badly with those dressed in garb from other countries, too.

Who knew all it takes to be treated like royalty abroad isn’t so much of a tip of a coin, but instead a tip of a hat?

In club business:

Andy Holloway and Sheila Pankratz led the song, pledge, and prayer. Kelsey Haley increased the Club’s beauty and brains, by becoming our newest Rotarian. Curt McPherson’s professional issue touched on the recent fires around our area. He reminded us to be careful, and when asked what supplies the firemen could use, he suggested gum, brownies, eye drops, and moist towelettes. Alexander’s served up chicken tetrazzini with a delightful spread of sides, including okra, corn, breadsticks, and cheesecake. Sheila pulled the five of diamonds. Jay Michelson learned the hard way why members shouldn’t miss a meeting, as he also missed out on a free lunch.