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Wed, 06/05/2019 - 17:38
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Museum Happenings

This has been a historical week for the county with rain, rain, and more rain. Please remember that we keep a pictorial and written history of our storms and record rains, so if you have stories or pictures, please send them to us. We hope everyone stayed safe. Lipscomb had rain-soaked roads, but I think all residents remained safe. The museum stayed dry.

We hope everyone attended one of the Memorial Day dinners at Higgins or Darrouzett. We have our various books on display that have a record of Lipscomb County veterans.

Many of our volunteers are traveling, so we are taking it slow. We had two geocachers finding one of our three caches in town, so traffic has been nice for the holiday.

Ronda Born’s exhibit is on display, and if you enjoy needlepoint, it is an exhibit you must come and see. Her reception will be in June.

Historical Musing

On special holidays, there are special ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. On Memorial Day, it has been tradition that the president or vice president of the United States gives a speech and lays a wreath on the tombs. All of our five cemeteries display flags on veterans’ graves. If you can, when you see the volunteers who perform this service for us, thank them for doing this honor for us.

We are expanding our military exhibit, unfortunately, to reflect the recent conflicts. If you have items you would like to exhibit, please contact us.

The Limelight described Decoration Day in 1919 as follows:

“The town of Lipscomb, today is quietthe bank and Post Office are closed to the public and other business houses striving to take advantage of the opportunity for a few moments recreation, some taking in a vacation along some brook… Others that are reminded of the heroes sleeping serenely in the cemetery where they are paying tribute in the way of leaving a few rosebuds over the departed.”

Today, we wear the poppy. Have a good week.