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Thu, 08/22/2019 - 15:11
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Metcalfe Museum received a gift of donation this last week from Norma Carrol of Amarillo, Texas. There were four 8-by-10 prints, equally framed and ready to hang. I had never seen Augusta’s prints done in that size. When I talked with Norma in a phone conversation this morning, I understood how this might have come about. Norma’s mother, Beaulah Mitchell, worked for Dr. Floyd Newman at his Shattuck, Oklahoma, clinic for many years. She was very close to the Newman family and enjoyed their relationship with Augusta. We don’t know how many of Augusta’s paintings belonged to the Newmans. There are several entries in the journals stating that Dr. and Mrs. Newman came to the farm to visit.

One of the prints is the ever popular “Prairie Wedding.” I haven’t found the titles of the other three prints as there is not one on them. Augusta seldom gave her paintings a title. Howard did most of that after he became an adult. I will need to go through records to see if I can find them. We will be displaying them in the gallery.

Dr. Newman had three sons: Haskell, Roy, and Floyd. As many of you recall, all were doctors, practicing at the Newman clinic. This morning, I glanced through my copy of Hang Onto the Willows, the book written about Dr. O.C. Newman’s life, to renew some forgotten information on Dr. Floyd and his relationship with his dad. Dr. Oscar was so proud of his sons and loved them very much. While still a medical student, Floyd wrote a very lengthy rhymed narrative about his father and the Newman family. He wrote in detail of the births, travels, and work of his family.

“Floyd Smith Newman, the second son, died on a winter day in February, 1964. He was a good son, said his mother. The love and loss and courage reflected on her face as she made the statement spoke volumes more than the simple words. His death was a tragic loss for the hospital, clinic, community and the profession, as well as for his devoted family.”

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